Am i anime yet ?

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I told you not to stand on boxes!

I told you not to stand on boxes!

kid!kei's many expressions  (๑•́ ₃•̀๑)

V’s mental breakdown after accidentally hitting on a married woman

Before I became sick, I spent my everyday life aimlessly.  I didn’t have an identity. This disease took so many things away from me. I was scared when I looked at the things that were taken away.
But, this disease didn’t only give me suffering and despair. I’ve learned about the warmth of people. I can be open with my family and tell them what I want now. I can believe in love. I like myself a little more now. It made me realize the happiness that I have.





Meanwhile, in Japan

sometimes you just got to stop questioning the japanese and accept it.


dont exercise with the ball

be the ball